Final Words

As a student having taken Media Production II, I feel that my skills have improved exponentially in every aspect of communication.

I am now comfortable with putting Final Cut Pro on my resume, as well as several other programs we used. After the first Final Cut Pro tutorial, I was overwhelmed with all the steps it takes to start a new project, let alone edit a few seconds of audio. Later I knew without referring back to the first tutorial, which is purposefully the only one that mentions scratch disks, I had to reset them before starting the project.

I can see the quality in my work on my WordPress site, and I am confident in my ability to reproduce it effectively in the future. My collection of works on WordPress is something I’ve grown to be proud of and I find myself wanting to further improve after looking at them. I feel prepared for the real world with my online portfolio to present to employers as future projects I can do for them. Especially with the Day in the Life project which I can present to a variety of employers as something viable for any organization looking to present a personal image of their website.

After working with editing audio, I have developed techniques to get exceptional interview quotes by practicing opportune social skills. Some techniques I have learned in terms of interviewing came after much practice. Spending hours editing a twenty-minute interview into a two-minute piece was unnecessary stress. I began thinking ahead about the editing process, which brought the right questions and thus an easier piece to edit. I also reminded myself to get a solid ending quote and if possible, an emotional quote.

Any communication related skill I possessed before this media production course has been strengthened.

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