Jessica Valles is an aspiring film director. Currently Valles is an undergraduate student studying English communications at St. Mary’s University. Valles has exceptional experience in publication; she was an editor at her university’s newspaper and a published writer for the Church of England Newspaper in London. Valles incorporated film into her work for both publications by narrowing her section’s theme to film and taking story opportunities involving film while abroad.

As well as write for publications, Valles often works on a script she hopes to finish by graduation. Valles is building a portfolio that will display her interest in the film industry in an effort to attain an internship or job in said field. Her field of study is broad and thus Valles wouldn’t mind any career in media production, though she is minoring in philosophy in hopes of improving her creative writing skills. Soon Valles will be applying for an internship at a city magazine in her hometown El Paso, Texas. Valles plans to apply for a graduate school program in screenwriting to begin her career in film and eventually become a director.  Her email address is vallesjess@live.com and her mobile phone number is (915) 443-3163.


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